2020 Vision- Revitalization and Realization of the American Dream
2020 Vision- Revitalization and Realization of the American Dream
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Domestic Agenda 

* Restoration of America as a respectable institution of democracy in the eyes of its citizens and those abroad

* The legalization of Marijuana throughout the country and implementation of the (40/30/20/10 Plan)

* Lifetime work training initiatives aimed at securing the middle-class structure of America

* Rebuilding infrastructure with a focus on 22nd century transit and manufacturing

* Community Pride Program (CPP) Investment in rural and inner-city neighborhoods

* Mandatory Living wage independent of the state or federal minimum wage

* The Removal of Federal Student Debt

* Education Reform that allows Americans to not only compete but stand out intellectually on the world stage.Instituting Education Curriculum Mandates for VPK -12 (Emphasizing: Comp Sci , advanced STEM, & Financial principles)

*1.5% Education Tax to support higher education at Public State Run Institutions

* Immigration policies that are a fare representation of the countries values and are free of bias

* Phase out Social Security with privatized IRA based retirement plans for those under working age and any who would like to opt out under the age 35

* Highest priority on Civil Liberties & Equal Rights for all Americans Regardless of Gender, Race, Religion, Age, Class, or Sexual Orientation.Secure Americans Private Information (Asses financial penalties on corporation for misuses or poorly securing information, harsher criminal penalty's for identity theft.)Criminal Justice Reform

* Privatized Prison Reform

* Better Policing & Community Relations among law enforcement and civilians

* Reduction of Pharmaceutical & Health care cost for all Americans

* Commitment to Senior Citizens: Safety, Health Care, & Financial Security

* Homeless works and education re-entry program.End Wage Discrimination

* Welfare Reform

Global Outlooks

* Leader in clean energy and climate change initiatives  

* Leader in the fight on terrorism

* Be the generation that cures the incurable

*Lead the way in creating smart modern cities with a focus on innovative infrastructure