2020 Vision- Revitalization and Realization of the American Dream
2020 Vision- Revitalization and Realization of the American Dream
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The Community Pride Program (CPP) is aimed at reviving inner cities and rural communities throughout the country. The program will provide financial grants and loans with an emphasis on small business owners. These grants must be used to restore existing buildings and land in designated communities.
  • The CPP will be funded without adding additional cost to the federal debt (20% of revenue from the taxation of legal marijuana will be allocated to the funding for tech related infrastructure and public works initiatives) while empowering more people with the ability to start businesses within their communities, employ more workers within their communities, and create more avenues of opportunity.
  • Loans received through CPP will be paid back to the federal government over a five to ten year period. If loans become 12 months delinquent at any time, unpaid interest and any back payments will be subject to the garnishment of their tax returns until paid in full. 
As a forward-thinking administration, we look to build on the HUD programs aimed at the homeless. Every American deserves descent and safe housing. Title V of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, enables eligible organizations to use underutilized or surplus federal properties to assist persons experiencing homelessness.
  • To create starter housing for the homeless we would like to see CPP work in concert with the McKinney-Vento Act. We would add an amendment allowing non-federal buildings and land used for the CPP program to qualify for all the same grants and tax status as the federal assets under the McKinney-Vento Act. 
  • Each county would be required to designate a minimum of one facility as a Homeless Works Center. The Center will offer their participants Housing, Free Education Classes under the 40-30-20-10 Plan, and where applicable provide participants with seasonal or temporary jobs with strategic partners.
  • All individuals will be eligible to participate in the program for six months and can renew participation up to two times for a total of 18 consecutive months.
  • Homeless Works Centers assisting in job placement will be allowed to require those participants to pay a maximum of 20% of their earnings for rent.